voice acting/narration

​​My voice has been described as bright and friendly, as well as relaxed and soothing, enabling me to portray a variety of characters—from energetic teen to young mom, and from children’s educator to super sassy video game heroine.
I really relish working in studio and taking direction from creative teams, though I'm also more than happy

to record from the comfort of my home studio.

Welcome! I'm a voice actor and singer from Toronto, Canada who enjoys collaborating with creative minds from all over
the planet. My vocal abilities have been featured in radio and television commercials, audio books, on-camera presentations, cartoons, video games and live musical performances. 
Possessing over a decade of experience, I'm continually intrigued by the power within the human voice and I'm grateful for every opportunity to share meaningful expression with others.


musical performance

musical performance

A background in musical theatre led me to the wonderful world of voiceover when a casting director who had seen my work on stage auditioned me to be the singing voice of a cartoon character. Since landing the gig, I've continued to lend my singing voice to jingles and live performances, and my inner child is still perfecting my Jem (and the Holograms) impression.

female voiceover & vocal performance